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Event planning sounds easy enough. Right? In theory, yes. When it actually comes down to it, no.

Details get lost and you start asking yourself if there is any point to it. Stress ensues and just about when you thought the world would end because the table linens arrived wrinkled and the paper lanterns you specially ordered are now on back order and the event is in one week....Screaming sounds like a good option right now. Doesn't it?

No matter who you are. I am positive that I can make the process a lot easier, efficient, cost-effective and enjoyable for you, your staff, your family or friends.

I provide a specific service tailored to exactly what you need. Wether it be a simple starting place and a checklist that you take, a day of coordinator or even a full service from beginning to end all inclusive planner, I provide the detailed assistance you need and maybe even desperately want. me at 251-281-8230 or 256-962-6255 or email at
It is worth it. I promise.

Free One Hour Consultation for any event!

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